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The Fall Sales Kick Off Event

Welcome Canadian Friends!

RV Sales to Canada

We have recently seen a large influx of inquiries AND purchases from our Canadian friends! Whether it's online, or at one of our dealerships, we've been hearing from and seeing you, helping countless people get into their dream RV. 

The Canadian dollar is at it's strongest level in years, and the increase in the price of RVs makes NOW a great time to buy your RV from one of our 8 locations across four states. (California, Washington, Arizona, or Oregon)

We have a long and successful history of selling to our Canadian friends and know just what to do! It is surprisingly simple and we provide you with all the paperwork you need! Here is a quick list of what you need to cross the border without any hassle.

  • A bill of sale for the vehicle, marked paid in full.

    (We now have a lender who will make loans to Canadian buyers!! Contact us for more info!)

  • A letter from the manufacturer indicating no outstanding recalls.
  • A clear certificate of title. (At the border customs will collect GST based on the bill of sale totals, and you will be on your way!)

It's that simple!

We have had many customers from Canada claim they have saved thousands of dollars doing business with us. Come see us at one of our 8 locations in California, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon. If you have any questions about purchasing a unit from RV Country if you are a Canadian citizen, please contact us or call (559) 201-8768.

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