Why an Entegra Luxury Coach May be Just What You’re After

Entegra 2At Paul Evert’s RV Country, we are REALLY excited about our inventory of stunning Entegra luxury coaches. If you aren’t familiar with Entegra, this is their story: “What drives you? For us it’s, well—the drive itself. The pursuit of a superior luxury motorcoach. Unmatched engineering innovation. Rock-solid construction. And a ride that’s as smooth and quiet as it is invigorating and well-appointed.

In the spring of 2008, Entegra Coach became a member of the Jayco family of companies. As the world’s largest privately-held manufacturer of recreational vehicles, we take pride in every detail—and each luxury Class A Entegra Coach embodies that principle.

We build our luxury motorcoaches one at a time—with a superior foundation, unrelenting attention to detail and old-world craftsmanship. Then, we back them with personalized customer service and coverage that is unmatched in the industry. So from the moment you drive off the lot, you’re not only an owner—you’re a member of the family.” And take it from us, they mean it.

While there are three different luxury models from Entegra, the Aspire, the Anthem, and the Cornerstone, a few of our favorite things are consistant across all models. To start, these coaches all have the Spartan chassis, which sit a bit higher than others such as Freighliner, etc.,  and the storage underneath is unbelievable! The storage trays are wider and it’s completely open underneath so there’s no wasted space.  All the bays are carpet lined, and totally neat and clean. This is seriously impressive. Second, Entegra coaches are built more like a home, than an RV. In a lot of coaches it’s easier for them to just have the floor cutout, tile the whole thing, and set the cabinets on top. In a house, you wouldn’t do it that way. You would  attach your wood cabinets to your floor and then tile up to and around your cabinetry.  It’s more work as you have to make many more tile cuts, but the end result is well worth it! Third, Entegra prides themselves on having an incredibly quiet ride, and this is no joke. Everything they do has comfort, stability, and a quiet ride in mind. Besides overall having excellent quality control, they even have this small balloon device that automatically inflates in all of the pocket door and closet door tracks when you start the engine, thus holding everything in place so it doesn’t rattle. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE this. The rattles and constant noises that are so common in many RV’s drive me crazy and this coach is just so quiet. Next,  every coach has heated floors, aqua hot, adjustable foot pedals, side & rearview cameras, GPS navigation, keyless entry, a residential fridge (usually w/ ice & water in the door), a convection microwave, induction cooktop, dishwasher, premium sound system, full tile throughout, stacked washer/dryer, frameless tinted windows, Girard awnings w/ LED lighting, a ceiling fan in the bedroom, electric raising rear engine compartment, the exterior TV’s swivel, all LED lighting & accent lighting, & Multiplex system. That was a mouthful!  Also in every Entegra coach, the technology is on point. Inside they use both JBL (Cockpit & exterior TV) & Bose (inside sound bars for TV/surround) sound systems, all bluetooth accessible, and tied in so you can play music inside and the same music outside from your phone.  And it’s all so organized! The space is efficiently used, everything is velcro/zip tied together & labeled. In many coaches you’ll just find a nest of cables and trying to figure it out is enough to make you just throw your hands up and quit. And maybe what we love most is that There are very few options with Entegra. Now at first that could sound like a drawback, but it’s not! What it means is that all of those wonderful things are all mostly standard. If you buy one, you’re going to get it all – Even with the most affordable model! That just takes so much of the guesswork out of it.  You pick your color, you pick your floorplan, you pick your wood choice, and you’ll wind up with a coach that has everything you need and more! Plus, Entegra offers a TWO YEAR warranty! That is practically unheard of! If you now feel as excited about Entegra as we are, just come on in and let us show you in person! We have a variety of inventory on hand and we guarantee, these well appointed luxury coaches will knock your socks off!


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