Washington Camping Destination: Olympic National Park

This is the best spring and summer yet to consider visiting Olympic National Park in Washington state. This gorgeous national park covers almost a million acres of land and more than 70 miles of Pacific coastline. Whether you are interested in climbing, hiking, or enjoying the coast, Olympic National Park is full of unforgettable sights and opportunities for you to enjoy connecting with nature and the great outdoors.

Olympic National Park

Different Ecosystems to Explore

Glacier capped mountains. Temperate rainforests. And a coastline. Olympic National Park has it all!

Olympic National Park

Advanced rock climbers will have the vacation of a lifetime in Olympic National Park’s rock formations. Mt. Olympus is the highest of the peaks and climbing season begins in late June, so start making your plans to visit now! Learn more about the climbing opportunities here.

Olympic National Park also has countless hiking opportunities available. Hit the trails in the morning as soon as you’ve had a hot breakfast in your new or used RV, and spend the day exploring. You can also plan to get in some fishing for wild salmon, trout, and char. Take a look at the fishing regulations and licensure requirements here.

RV Camping Opportunities

Stay in the park or in a nearby RV campground! Olympic National Park has several in-park campgrounds, but if these don’t suit you, there are many nearby campgrounds that are just outside of the park borders. Take a look at the park’s campground availability here or do a simple internet search for RV camping near Olympic National Park.

Olympic National Park

Check for Phased Reopening

Covid-19 has affected everyone, including their vacation plans! The National Park Service has closed different areas of their parks and are adhering to federal guidelines for phased reopening. Be mindful of these reopenings when making your reservations and plans so you’re not hit with a surprise closure!


Ready to vacation in the Pacific Northwest? We can’t say we blame you! It’s a perfect escape from the craziness this year has already hit everyone with, and you won’t find better scenery for miles around. Contact us today if you have any RV service needs or need some assistance shopping for a new or used RV before hitting the road for Olympic National Park!

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