Tasty Recipes for Labor Day Eats

tastyAs you head out this Labor Day for the last big camping trip of the summer, we’ve found some tasty, and RV/Camping friendly recipes to help make your weekend extra yummy! Whether you’re feeding a brood of little ones, or mixing up cocktails for the adults, there’s a little something here for all tastes. Enjoy!


Hot dogs for a crowd These hot dogs are tossed in the crockpot for a few hours – no water needed, and end up tasting like they were cooked over a hot dog roller. So yummy, AND you can fit 60 hot dogs in a 6 quart crock! I don’t know who needs to make 60 hot dogs, but it’s cool that you can!


Camp friendly cocktails These five cocktail recipes are so easy and require just a few ingredients! Most ingredients can be pre-mixed at home before you leave, and you’ll only need to add a scoop of ice and maybe a lime wedge! Always remember to please be safe while imbibing!


4 Labor Day BBQ Marinades Whether it’s chicken, pork, beef, or fish, there’s a marinade here that will work! These simple marinades can be made at home and packed in a sealed container with the meat before you even leave home. By the time you’re ready to cook, it’s ready to go!


Roasted strawberries with marshmallow fluff This is as delicious as it sounds! The only things you need are strawberries, marshmallow fluff and skewers! Easy peasy and a nice change from traditional s’mores. Speaking of s’mores…


Gourmet S’mores Now I’ve tried almost all of these and the truth is, you just can’t go wrong. These offer a fun twist on everyone’s favorite camp dessert, and you can really just let your imagination run wild!


Crock pot pulled pork sandwiches This is an awesome recipe that makes the perfect pulled pork sandwiches. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser, and the vinegar is the kicker! You can mix up the dry ingredients at home and put them in a baggie to make it easier for prepping in the RV. Crockpot meals are awesome when camping because you can just let it cook while you’re out playing and when you get back, dinner is ready!

Swiss and cheddar bacon quiche This delicious quiche can be made at home before you leave (you may want to make 2) and wrap it up in the fridge to simply reheat while camping. It will make a perfect breakfast, or dinner, and you can add pretty much anything you want to the recipe! Make it even easier by using pre-made pie crusts in a foil pan that can just be tossed in the trash when it’s gone!

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