Super Cool, “Cooler” Corn On The Cob

Have you ever done it? Have you ever heard of anyone else doing it? What is it, you ask? Why it’s only the newest, most innovative way to cook your corn on the cob…Coleman cooler style. 
Well, for starters corn on the cob isn’t just for summer anymore, and for those of you that enjoy camping, cooking out, simplicity, and walks on the beach (uh, scratch that last one, wrong blog) or for those of you that just want to have a good conversation piece, this way of cooking corn is for you. You’re going to want to shuck the ears first and scrub off the silk strands. Then put the corn in your trusty cooler (not the one that’s full of beverages and ice). Once the corn is in, fill the cooler with boiling water and shut the lid. You’ll want to do it a bit ahead of time because it takes about 2 hours, but you can leave it in longer to keep it hot. Prepare your dinner, and by the time you sit down to eat, your corn is going to be perfectly done. 
This ingenious way of cooking corn has another perk… If it’s cold outside, you have a nice toasty bench to sit on while you wait for dinner to be ready! This is also a great and super easy way to make a large batch if you’re feeding a group. Your friends will be amazed at your clever corn cooking skills, and you’re likely to be the topic of conversation for quite awhile. 
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Happy Eating!

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