Spending the Holidays in Your RV: Celebrate Wherever You Go!

Are you spending the holidays in your new or used RV? Here are some great tips to make the most of spending the holidays RVing!

Take Old Traditions With You

My family has many holiday traditions that are meaningful. If you have some traditions that are precious to your family, take them on the road with you! Maybe it’s reading Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,”  watching your favorite Christmas movies, or decorating Christmas cookies. Make these traditions RV-friendly:

  • Load favorite Christmas books onto a Kindle or tablet to take up less space than books do
  • Make sure your favorite Christmas movies are available on your go-to streaming services
  • Pre-bake Christmas cookies and keep your cookie decorating supplies like frosting and sprinkles in the pantry of your new or used RV

RVing for the Holidays

Make New Traditions

Whether you’re headed to visit family for the holidays or maximizing your winter vacation by going somewhere new, fun, and exciting, seek out new traditions. My dad always used to say our family motto was “A new tradition every year!” Which is pretty antithetical to the definition of what makes a tradition! But we always changed up many of our holiday traditions – some lasted only a year or two, and others we discovered along the way grew to be longstanding favorites. And ultimately, we developed a flexibility and appreciation for trying new things. So, wherever you’re headed over the holidays, consider some of these ideas:

  • Find a soup kitchen needing volunteers and experience the joy of helping others.
  • Make it a priority to try regional flavors and foods – you may discover a new favorite!
  • Look up local celebrations or festivities and get in on the fun.

RVing for the Holidays


Modify As Needed

Maybe you usually set up multiple Christmas trees at home or fill the yard with lighted holiday decorations. That’s hard to do when you’re spending the holidays in your RV! But you can simplify and make modifications as needed. Try some of these swaps to modify your existing traditions:

  • Trade out your usual tree for a miniature tree that easily fits anywhere in your RV from the dinette to a window.
  • Missing your usual outdoor lights? Find a fun holiday garland to attach to your RV’s awning!
  • It can be difficult to not pull out all the stops on your holiday decorating, but try to simplify. Find a holiday throw pillow and coordinating cozy blanket to dress up your RV’s living room space. Add a small Advent candle arrangement to your dinette’s table.

RVing for the Holidays

Spending the holidays in your RV can provide you with fantastic family memories for years to come. Contact us today if you need help shopping for a new or used RV that will complete your holiday joy!

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