Space Saving Tips For Your RV

space saver rv travel tips So you finally have the RV of your dreams and you’re gearing up to hit the open road. One thing that most RV’ers learn by trial and error is what and how much to pack. Making the most of your space is a must when you’re living the RV lifestyle, and there are many tips and tricks out there from old timer’s to help make it easier for all the newbies! Making your new home on wheels really feel like home, means you’ll have to get creative enough to not have to make too many sacrifices. Space is at a premium in RV’s, and making the most of it takes some serious planning and thought.  


If you want to have all those creature comforts of home, you’ll want to make sure that you are efficiently utilizing all vertical space, storage space and of course, you will want to have as many cross-functional items as possible. One tip that we have mentioned before but can’t say enough about, is the over the door shoe organizers that you all may already have in your home. These come in handy for so much more than shoes! You can cut them apart to fit your sizing needs, and use them for everything from storing bathroom items (think Q-tips, nail clippers, Band-aids, etc.) by attaching it to the inside of your bathroom cupboard, to hanging them next to your bed to store reading glasses, remote controls, or anything else you may want to have handy at your bedside.


Another great tip we found was mounting cut pieces of PVC pipe to the inside of bathroom cabinets with strong velcro to hold curling irons, hair brushes, etc. It’s pure genius!  There’s often a lot of hidden space available in the kitchen of your RV if you are looking close enough. You can utilize the inside of most every cupboard by installing simple cupboard racks. We have them available in our Part’s Store in various sizes to suit your needs. Magnetic knife racks are a perfect idea for space saving in an RV kitchen, and a sink cover that doubles as a cutting board is a must. Like to travel with some of your favorite wine at hand? Find a wine rack that will attach to the side of a cupboard and you’ll never have to be without. Don’t forget to look up! Can you utilize vertical space? If there’s space available between your cabinetry and the ceiling, use this for storing dry goods. Stores that specialize in small spaces, such as Ikea or The Container Store are great places to get ideas and find clever ways to make the most of the space you have to work with. Do you have any clever space saving tips to share? You can post them here in the comments below, or Share it with us on our Facebook page!


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