Six Rivers National Forest: An Adventurer’s Playground

Are you looking for a place to take your new RV that will delight adventurers of all ages? Look no further than the delightful Six Rivers National Forest located in Eureka, California. This national forest offers a variety of activities that is sure to appeal to everyone in the family.

Six Rivers offers over a million acres of pristine forest for you to explore. And at roughly a six hour drive north of the Bay Area you could turn any trip to Six Rivers into a partial city trip where you visit the City By The Bay. But, by and large, most people come to this gorgeous park because it gets you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. From world class fishing to over 100 miles of hiking trails, there’s no shortage of fun activities to do here.

Amazing Fishing

river fishing

All fishers 16 years of age and older require a California fishing license to fish at Six Rivers. The diverse landscape offers pond and lake fishing, as well as river and stream fishing. As a result, you get a wide range of fishing opportunities. So whether you enjoy fly fishing or sitting in a canoe on the lake, there’s something for you.

The variety of fish to catch is vast. From rainbow trout to bass and many other species, you’ll catch the fish you’ve been after here!

A Hiker’s Paradise


Over 100 miles of hiking trails of varying difficulty are available for you to enjoy. There are general hiking trails as well as backpacking opportunities. So whether you’re looking for a quick hike with the kids or interested in conquering a tough trail, you’ll find something to do at Six Rivers National Forest.

Additional Activities

Additional activities to enjoy include horseback riding, nature viewing, hunting, picnicking, scenic drives, and tons of water sports. There’s no shortage to the fun you can have here.

If you’re looking for a new RV for sale or have questions about RVing, contact us. We can help you find the best RV for your needs and assist in planning the vacation of your dreams. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or new to the lifestyle, you are sure to love¬†every minute spent on the road making memories with the family.

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