Shop Our 2021 Lightweight Travel Trailers!

Our little lightweight travel trailers for sale make vacationing on the fly easy! You don’t have to put off planning a vacation due to the wear and tear on your vehicle from hauling a heavier RV when we have plenty of lightweight travel trailers for choose from. They come in a range of weights and floor plans, and accommodate families of all sizes. Take a look below at some of your shopping options!

Determine What You Can Tow

Our tow guide makes quick work of knowing what your vehicle can safely and comfortably haul. All you have to do is enter in your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Once you have the tow capacity, start shopping!

Shop By Weight

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Our lightweight travel trailers for sale can be sorted by weight. Shop from the options below:

We already have dozens of brand new 2021 lightweight travel trailers on order, so you can shop from the newest models around! Take a look at some of our 2021 Forest River travel trailers hitting our inventory!

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Shop By Family Size

Lightweight Travel Trailers

While you’re shopping by travel trailer weight, you’ll also want to make shopping for your family size a priority. We have lightweight travel trailers for sale that accommodate all family sizes:

You’ll want to check out our 2021 Coachmen RV lightweight travel trailers. The different floor plans available make them the perfect lightweight travel trailer for traveling with the whole family – whether the whole family is 2 people or 10!

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Vacationing shouldn’t be a hassle or a heavyweighted burden. Towing a lightweight travel trailer can literally take some weight off your shoulders – and off the wear and tear of your vehicle! We’d love to help you pick out the perfect lightweight travel trailer for your family’s needs, or answer any questions you may have about towing. Contact us today!

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