RV Winterization Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Winter

If you’re done traveling for the year, it’s time to winterize your RV! If you’re new to RVing, this may seem daunting, but these step by step RV winterization tips should get you through the process easily!

Prep the Lines and Tanks

  • You’ll want to first drain your fresh water holding tank fully. Then drain your black and grey holding tanks. Dispose of your black and grey water contents properly at a dump site.
  • Then, open both cold and hot water faucets all throughout your RV. This allows air to circulate. You’ll want to open every single faucet in your RV: kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower, and tub.

Winterization Tips

  • Blow air through the lines using an air compressor. Any remaining water in the lines can dilute your antifreeze and render it ineffective, so this step helps prevent that. Finish up by closing the faucets.
  • Add antifreeze. The plumbing system needs antifreeze added now. There are different ways to do this depending on what kind of RV you have, so if you have questions or need help, contact one of our service departments nearest you:

Clean It Out

  • Now’s the time to give your RV a good cleaning. Remove all food from the pantry and strip the linens from all the beds, including your sofa sleeper if you have one.
  • Wipe down all surfaces and windows, and sweep and vacuum the floors.

Check for Damage

  • Check for damage or any repair that might be needed. If your roof, tires, seals, or slides need any repair, schedule some maintenance now. Putting your RV in storage with existing damage will mean a major headache and perhaps even costlier repairs if you wait until Spring.
  • Prevent rodents and other pests from getting in your RV by covering vents and other entry places.
  • Take weight off the tires by leaving your RV on blocks.
  • Schedule any routine end-of-year service that your RV may need.


Properly winterizing your RV is the key to ensuring getting your 2020 travel season off to a good start. It’s not a difficult process, but it’s definitely important to prioritize it so your RV stays in great condition and you get all the years of traveling out of it you can. Contact us today if you have any questions about these RV winterization tips!

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