RV Tips for the New Year: Make Your Vacations Better Than Ever!

Get a good start on your camping trips in 2023 by using last year to guide you! By doing some thoughtful evaluation over what worked and what didn’t, you can enjoy traveling in your new or used RV more than ever. Check out our RV tips for the New Year below!

RV Tips

The Good, The Bad, & the Less-Than-Perfect

First off: give some thought to your weekend getaways and vacations last year. Which ones did you love the most – and why? Which ones had more frustrating moments, and what were they? Really dive into the nitty-gritty. Did having a plan – or enjoying spontaneity – affect your ability to relax? Was the weather absolutely perfect? Did you run into long wait times as a result of traveling in the high season, or waiting too long to get reservations? What about the condition of your RV – did keeping regularly scheduled RV service help prevent roadside breakdowns? Did you score some great discounts by traveling in the off-season, or enjoy a new hobby like kayaking?

RV Tips

In thinking back in detail about what worked and what didn’t, it can help you plan accordingly for your trips this year. And if you haven’t in the past, now is a good time to start keeping a travel log, so when you sit down a year from now to reflect on your 2023 travels, you’ll have all of your thoughts organized.

Consider Something New

Many families like returning to their same vacation spots over and over. If you love doing that, great! But you might have some family members who enjoy changing up the landscape a little. Why not meet in the middle? If you enjoy several road trips and weekend getaways, make a plan to pick at least two new vacation destinations this year. This keeps you from getting in a rut, and gives you a wealth of new horizons to explore.

RV Tips

Keep Your Gear Separate

Are you new to RVing? Let’s establish some ground rules right away – don’t try to pack up your kitchen (or anything else!) every time you leave home. Work on gathering and keeping your camp gear separate from your everyday stuff. I like to keep our gear packed in 17-quart storage tubs that fit nicely into the pass-through storage compartments of the RV. Try organizing and separating your gear in tubs with the following:

  • Linens: bath and hand towels, wash cloths, sheets and linens, and kitchen hand towels
  • First aid
  • Sleeping bags, mats, and hammocks
  • Kitchen supplies, dishes, and tools

Additionally, keep an inventory of the consumable products you use, like batteries, paper towels, matches, and hand soap. Then, restock those items in their respective tubs as soon as you get home, so you always set off with the supplies you need!

Make an RV Service Schedule

…and stick to it! As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Routine maintenance is always more affordable than disastrous repairs, especially when it catches things early enough for inexpensive repair.

RV Tips

We can help you determine what RV service checks are needed and when, and get you on the schedule. Contact us today!

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