RV Tips: 6 Ways to Save Money on Your Vacations This Year

Summer is right around the corner! Where are you planning to head first in your new or used RV? Don’t let inflation and the soaring costs of fuel get you down – we have some handy RV tips for traveling affordably. Make the most of your fun vacations and pocket the savings this year!

Camp During the Off Season

Can you squeeze in a fun getaway before Memorial Day? Or how about just after Labor Day? These “bookends” of travel season also signal the rise and fall of tourist price hikes, crowded campgrounds, and long lines at expensive attractions. Traveling just outside of those windows can reap dividends: you’ll notice super-low prices and off-season discounts.

Top Places to See

If you can’t specifically get away in mid May or September, try to schedule trips over a couple of weekdays instead of the weekend, or even avoiding holiday weekends in general. You’ll appreciate the more relaxed pace, prices that aren’t as steep, and still get in some great traveling weather.

Make a Meal Plan

Eating out for most of your meals is one way to completely eat up your budget. Make a meal plan, and stick to it. When our family goes camping, we like to start the day with a hearty breakfast cooked outside on the RV’s outdoor kitchen. Then we pack light sandwich and packaged snack items for a picnic lunch, and throw the cooler in the back of our vehicle. This allows us to take the whole day out without needing to return to the RV for a meal, or end up spending way too much at an overpriced diner. While we’re cleaning up breakfast, we pull a prepped-and-frozen freezer meal, like a stew or casserole, and leave it to thaw.

Easy Spring Camping Recipe

By the time we get back to the campsite, supper is ready to throw on the grill or in the oven. Save money while camping by cooking more!

Daily Plan

Speaking of plans, make a plan of intended stops and attractions you want to see. This itinerary can be as loose or as rigid as you need it to be, but making sure you have enough time to see the things you want to see can help you appropriately plan your overall budget for the trip – and it will help ease the stress and tension of rushing to get to the next thing.

Don’t Overpay at the Pump

The free Gas Buddy app will be your new best friend! It searches within your immediate area to find the best fuel prices around. Get it on your phone today – you won’t regret it!

RV Tips

Pack Some Tools

Start learning some DIY RV maintenance! You’ll want to spend time getting to know your RV and appreciating what it brings into your life. While we offer affordable RV service, we know that when you’re traveling, it may not always be realistic or feasible to get your RV in for some quick maintenance. But, many “on the go” RV maintenance needs are easily taken care of in a DIY fashion, so check with us about the right RV parts and tools you need to take with you for any quick and small fix you might encounter along the way. It will save you time and money waiting out road service!

Shop Smart

Choosing the right new or used RV for your family’s needs is one of the best ways you can travel affordably.

R Pod Review

‘Too much’ RV and you may be looking at needing to purchase an additional towing vehicle to haul around features you never really needed. ‘Too little’ RV and you may find yourself needing to upgrade before you had planned. Shop smart – we can help you pick out the perfect unit for your family at an affordable price point. Contact us today!

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