RV Country: Quartzsite, here we come!


The time has FINALLY arrived! We have been counting down the days to this huge event since October. We’ve talked about it, written about it, we’ve even dreamed about it! Did you know that we’ve even been moving inventory to Quartzsite since after Christmas and finally… finally we get to say “WE’RE HERE!”. Set up has begun and you can literally feel the excitement in the air as we all prepare for this grand RV show. If you’re wondering why we get so excited about it, let us take you on a little tour (blog style). When you first roll up to Quartzsite, it’s hard to imagine just how huge this event really is. There are literally thousands of people from all over the United States and Canada that visit here every year to take part in this event. And it’s not just a weekend show. This show is practically a month long, and most everyone stays for the duration. RVers have even earned the name ‘modern day gypsies’ when they come out to this show. As you find the spot you’ll call home for the next few weeks, you’ll start to feel it – the excitement. It’s all around you. The people, the food, the entertainment, the gem show, the car show, the new RV’s! It’s just all so much! It’s almost sensory overload. It’s really one of those events you just have to experience to understand the excitement we all feel.
We’re not 100% finished with our set up yet, but we do have our sign up directing you where to go to find us. If you can find the big white Main Event Tent, then you can find us… We’re right next to it! We’ve also got motor homes rolling in and lining up and we even have some salesmen there already!

Last year the Keystone Montana was our top seller, so this year we made sure to bring in plenty for everyone! The Keystone Montana is the number one selling fifth wheel in America, and that was certainly proven true last year when we sold out of them at Quartzsite. The Montana is a perfect fit for anyone that enjoys the comfort of home, plus has the need for a work space. It also has a fireplace! Moving on to the kitchen, the Keystone Montana features an island with enough counter space to prepare a feast and enough pantry shelving to stock up for the entire month you’ll be in Quartzsite – this kitchen is fabulous! The bedroom is equipped with a king size bed and a spacious shower with sun roof, and plenty of closet and storage space. If you want to know more, we have a video just for you. Our vice president, Curt Curtis was gracious enough to let us record him explaining why he chooses to stay in the Montana every year that he goes to Quartzsite, and he even gives a nice tour of the 3400 model.  

We hope you’ll take a look, and we are looking forward to seeing you very soon at the Quartzsite RV Show!

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