Little Guy: The Same Awesome Teardrop Trailers with a Nu-Name

Same great campers with an updated name; Little Guy Worldwide, a brand that teardrop trailer lovers have been going wild for, is now NuCamp, bringing you the same awesome quality products with just a Nu-name! NuCamp manufactures some of the top-rated brands in America with the highly regarded and magnificently-designed teardrop trailer, a couples camper that is towable by most vehicles and also offers more than enough luxury to make any road trip something really special.

If you love camping, but want something a little more stable than canvas-sides or sleeping on the ground, NuCamp has something that we think you will love. Check out four of the top floorplans that NuCamp has to offer and that we are proud to sell here at RV Country.


T@B 320 S

With a wet bath, cooking, and sleeping accommodations all packed into a compact, easy-to-manage space, the 320 S is just one example of NuCamp’s T@B and how big things really can come in small packages. 15ft 2in in length and 6ft 6in wide, the 320 S is enough space for you and a loved one to really enjoy the great outdoors, but still live in luxury.

T@B 320 CS

With a clam-back opening, the 320 CS provides you with enough of an opening to bring and store all of your favorite gear in this highly efficient 15ft 2in long camper. With a hitch weight of only 216lbs, the 320 CS is perfect for just about any level of camper.

T@B Teardrop Trailer
Stylish and versatile – the T@B Teardrop Trailer.


T@B 320 CS-S

Dual bench seating and even an outdoor television, the 320 CS-S pushes together comfort and class to make one outstanding teardrop travel trailer. The interior space can easily suit your lounging needs during the day and then convert into a lovely sleeping area for two in the evening.

T@B 320 U

With a queen sized bed and 3-way refrigerator, the 320 U is ideal for those who really want both space and utility when on the road, but still want to keep things simple. 15ft 2in in length, the 320 U has a tow weight of less than 200lbs, making it an awesome choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, yet, reliable RVing experience.


There is a lot to get excited about when it comes to NuCamp trailers for sale, and it’s more than just their new name. Check out more of the T@B Floorplans at RV Country to see what we mean. Or, if you have a specific question or want to make an offer today, feel free to contact us!

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