How to Make Your Cross Country Road Trip Affordable: 3 Ways to Save

RVing is one of the most affordable ways to travel! But that doesn’t mean you travel for free. Sure, you can eliminate airfare and expensive resort stays, but there are still overhead expenses when you hit the road in your new or used RV. Here are our top tips on how to make your cross country road trip affordable.

Camp Strategically

Plan to camp at your final destination or major scenic stops, but if your traveling has you driving for long distances and staying overnight, camp for free in Walmart parking lots! Not only does Walmart welcome RVers to park overnight in their lots for free, but it also makes it easy to stock up on the essentials.

Make Your Road Trip Affordable

Then, save your overnight stay expenses for the campgrounds you really want to stay at along the way or at your final stop.

Pay Less at the Pump

One essential app you have to have is the GasBuddy app. Don’t stop to refuel until you’ve checked the app – it’ll provide the gas prices in your close proximity. Nothing is worse than paying for a fill up only to find a gas station offering substantially lower prices just a few miles down the road. Thankfully, with the GasBuddy app, it doesn’t have to be a crapshoot.

Make Your Road Trip Affordable

Stick to the (Meal) Plan

Meals are one way you can blow through your road trip budget. Everyone knows the feeling of planning to cook a meal and then getting to the end of a long, full day and justifying eating out “just this once.” Make a meal plan and stick to it. Grab easy and lightweight breakfast options like instant oatmeal or easy-to-prep breakfast sandwiches (an English muffin or bagel + fried egg + slices of ham & cheese is a family staple in our house), and regular sandwich fixings for lunch.

Make Your Road Trip Affordable

You can prep several dinners ahead of time by combining stew/casserole ingredients or slow cooker recipes in gallon size food storage bags, then freezing flat. This way, supper is as easy as pulling it from the freezer after breakfast, and placing it directly in the slow cooker or Dutch oven.

Make Your Road Trip Affordable

Of course, you don’t have to totally eliminate eating out. Research where you’re headed and look for some top rated local restaurants. Pick the ones you gotta try, and take a look at their menu online to estimate their prices.

These are just 3 easy ways to make your road trip more affordable. RVing doesn’t have to break the bank, and buying a new or used RV doesn’t have to, either! We offer outstanding deals every day on new and used RVs, and our competitive RV financing can help you start enjoying the road trips of your dreams in an RV that’s perfect for your family. Contact us today!

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