Great Alaskan Escape for the RV Lifestyle


Fulltime Families has announced a caravan traveling to Alaska! In order for the trip to take place they do need a minimum of 10 families to participate, but we’re pretty sure that we can help them find that many plus some! Who wouldn’t want to go whale watching, pan for gold, have some great times at the campfire and share this amazing experience with old and new friends?! It’s going to be a once in a lifetime trip that no one will forget. The stories and pictures will be so much fun to share with people when you get back and who knows, this may even turn into an annual trip and each year and you may have more and more RVers joining you.


Here are a few details:





·  Requirements:

  • There is a minimum participation of 10 families in order for this convoy to deploy and a 25 family max.
  • There is a $100.00 administration fee due no later than April 15th 2011.
  • Your adventure also includes a FREE 1 year membership to Fulltime Families.

·  Refunds and Cancellation Policy:

  • If less than 10 families sign up before April 15th 2011, a full refund will be issued to all families that signed up and keep your Fulltime Families membership as our gift.
  • If you wish to cancel your adventure, please do so before May 15th 2011 to receive a $50.00 refund and keep your Fulltime Families membership as our gift.

For more details and FAQ, be sure to visit Fulltime Families at

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