Good Things Are Underway at RV Country!


Okay RV’ers and RV’er wannabe’s… here’s an update on just a couple of the exciting things that have been happening here at Paul Evert’s RV Country. If you’ve been dreaming of RV ownership, but are afraid it’s just too costly, we’ve got some good news coming down the pike for you. We know that some of the higher-end, fancy-pants, luxury RV’s (while divine) are just out of many people’s price ranges. Many folks think they could never own an RV because they just don’t realize that there really are affordable options available out there, and those huge, luxury coaches are not the only option. We want to let you know that we’ve got so many new products on order, that there is something for everyone! We are waiting on some new arrivals that are truly going to make owning an RV do-able for those who simply don’t want to spend the money on crazy big coach, but still want to have quality, comfort, and yes, even some luxury.

Holiday Rambler Vacationers, a gas motorhome, is coming out with an SE.  It’s slightly pared down, but offers the same high quality as the regular Vacationer at a much more affordable price point. We are expecting a few to arrive very soon and anticipate that they will find their loving owners quickly. The Vacationers sister – the Monarch SE by Monaco just arrived in Fresno and you should definitely come take a look! We are so proud to be the #1 Holiday Rambler dealer in the country and a top performer for Monaco!  Another great option comes with the news that Winnebago is coming out with the 2013 Minnie Winnie!  Our first two JUST arrived! This is a great, affordable starter motorhome and we think our customers are going to love it.

We also wanted to remind our customers that we have an outstanding parts store here in Fresno. We don’t just put our parts in stock and forget about it… No, no. We are always actively learning, pursuing new, affordable, and innovative products, and changing it up! In fact, our Parts Manager, Stacy, and Service Director, Peter just attended the big NTP parts show and learned a ton! They have the lead on some exciting new products, and electronics to make your RV experience easier, and safer, and we even struck up a partnership with Mobile Outfitters! Mobile Outfitters mission statement says, “…We strive to enhance the mobile lifestyle by creating Recreational Vehicle and trailer components using experience, sensitivity and imagination. We are on the side of the RV Owner.  The key objective of our enterprise is to create products we would want on our own RV’s.  We approach this business starting from the highway and campground”. We are excited to carry their products, and soon we will welcome them to our dealership here in Fresno for employee training to familiarize us all with their innovative products. We hope you are all happily and safely enjoying your RV’s, and if you’re one of the ones who hasn’t found your dream RV yet, it’s probably about high time you came in to see us here at Paul Evert’s RV Country!

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