Get Away & Enjoy the Top Three Things to Do in Northern California

Are you ready to see the beauty that northern California has to offer? I first visited the redwoods of California when I was twelve, and I’ve never forgotten it! California is home to beautiful mountain scenery, canyons and foothills, the redwoods and Sequoias – some of the world’s largest and tallest trees – and more.

Kings Canyon

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime vacation, Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park will top your list of lifetime memories. California has plenty of natural beauty to explore, so why wait? Pack your bags, hitch up your new or used RV, and start planning your visit to California’s National and State Parks. Here are my top three things to do in northern California!

Rock Climbing and Backpacking

Are you into hiking, backpacking, or rock climbing? You’ll find plenty of opportunities here. Sequoia and Kings Canyon both offer countless rock climbing sites, ranging from beginner through intermediate to advanced.

Rock Climbing

There are rock climbing sites and opportunities for everyone! You’ll also find plenty of backpacking routes that will offer unforgettable memories. Find out more about Sequoia and King’s Canyon rock climbing and backpacking opportunities here.

Crystal Cave

Pack a picnic lunch and explore rivers and caves! Crystal Cave is a marble canyon with breathtaking sites to see. Guided tours are available. You won’t want to miss this stunning natural wonder! Find out more information about Crystal Cave here.

Sequoia Groves

There are several Sequoia groves you choose to visit. Make sure you bring your camera! Observe the wonder of the world’s largest and oldest trees.

Sequoia Groves

These peaceful giants will definitely give you the perspective of smallness in the universe! You’ll never forget your visit to the Sequoia groves. Plan details and find out more information about California’s Sequoia groves here.


These are only my suggestions for the top three things to do in northern California, but this beautiful state has plenty for you to explore. Find out more things to do in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks here! And if you’re not totally ready to hit the road, but need some help picking out a new or used RV, we’d love to help you. Contact us today if you have any questions about any RVs in our inventory – then get back to planning your trip to California’s best vacation stops!


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