Fulltime Families ~ A Great Resource For You and Yours

family rv fulltime rv fulltime families resourcesAre you a family living full time in your RV? If you are, then chances are you’re going to love what we have to share with you. If you’re not familiar with Fulltime Families (FtF), you’ll want to be. Fulltime Families is an outstanding resource for families just like yours. By purchasing a membership (which is totally affordable and lasts a lifetime), you will reap great rewards. Services such as a subscription to their magazine, exclusive discounts and offers, and access to all the other services they provide. According to the mission statement on their website, we’re talking about access to many “established FtF Lending Libraries in campgrounds across the country where you can switch out curricula, books, movies, games and family friendly media.  With the introduction of Adventure Express, members will be able to instantly download 50 state worksheets geared towards all school age children, helping you work your travels directly into your roadschool.” They offer events and “reunions”, and their website is full of helpful tips, blogs, forums, and information. They also have helpful links for RV education and resources such as webinars, planning tools and travel links. FtF was started by husband and wife, Kimberly and Chris who set out to live full time on the road with their four children. “While making preparations for this new and exciting lifestyle, we scoured the internet, library, and bookstores, searching for information.  We found a lot of information geared towards retirees, but very little for families with kids. We researched, researched and researched and made copious notes.  Before we knew it, we had gathered a lot of answers from a lot of sources… We started Fulltime Families Magazine to help other families.  Our writers were already living the dream – so the information was coming straight from the road.  When we got on the road ourselves, we immediately recognized another need – the need to hang out with other families.  Like minded individuals, who you can share your experiences with.  So we developed the FtF Family Finder to help people get in touch with each other.  Now, Fulltime Families is evolving again –into a nationwide camping club for families – all families.  With Family Reunions and Family Follow Me’s scheduled across the country, we are looking forward to meeting you!”  If you’re not a full-timer yet, but you’ve been thinking about it, then go have a look at FtF’s  “Dreamers” page. It’s a great place for you and your family to start.

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