Don’t Worry Newbies, Rand McNally Has Your Back

newbie rvSo you have finally taken the big leap and bought yourself the RV you’ve been dreaming of for so long… Congrats! Now, if you’re on your fourth RV, you’re probably an old pro by now and you know just how to take care of business. You know what systems and mechanical items to check, what to pack, how much to pack, and you likely have a fantastic system down pat for all of this. If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, you’re going to need some help. There are many different websites, blogs, videos, and various how-to’s online to assist with just this predicament, but we’re going to help make it nice and easy for you! is a MUST for all RV’ers and especially for newbies. This site can be a fantastic go-to resource for you when you want to run through the lists and make sure you’ve thought of everything. Interested in what roadside assistance is best for RV’ers? Thinking about going full time in your RV? There is so much information here to help you learn, and make informed decisions.  This site offers blogs and tips on everything from understanding all the RV jargon, all of the kitchen gadgets, toiletries, and home comfort basics that you’ll want to have on hand, to the basic tools you’ll need available for routine or emergency maintenance. Want to know how to plan a road trip? They’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list. Looking for tips to beautify your RV’s bedroom? Looking for tips and recipes for cooking on the go? Curious about ways to save money on the road, or whether or not you should join a club? There is ALL that information and so much more.  Another great recommendation we like to give to new RV’ers is to try holding your very first RV trip right in your own front yard. Your goal: not to go inside the house for the entire weekend. If you do have to go inside for anything, add that item to your master list before you make your first road trip. Do you have any great tips to share with new RV owners, or any great resources that we should all know about? You can share them with us here, or comment on our Facebook page. We love to hear from you!

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