Camping with Pets is Easy Thanks to These RV Tips!

Camping with pets is absolutely doable, but you want to make sure you do it right so that you and your fur baby can enjoy the vacation together, as well as other people sharing nearby campsites. Here are some RV tips for traveling safely and camping with pets!

Camping with Pets

Before the Trip

If your pet isn’t used to road trips, start getting them ready now. Dogs can experience motion sickness as well as anxiety from road trips, so ask your vet for their recommendations to help with both (and keep in mind that a trip to the vet may be a source of anxiety for your fur baby in the first place).

Camping with Pets

Speaking of the vet, schedule an appointment now to get your pet microchipped as well as inquire about any flea or tick prevention treatments. Your dog may love being outside, but doesn’t love pests and parasites – so prevent what you can! Also, make sure your pet’s shots are up to date and their ID tags firmly affixed to their collar (as well as current).

Inquire About Campground Policies

The campground you’re headed to should have a pet policy posted somewhere on their website. If they don’t, ask for it. This will likely include leash requirements or guidelines for noise or aggression.

Just Before You Leave

Pack your pet’s essentials! This includes things like pet food and treats as well as any medication they currently take. Also remember to pack the following:

  • Pet toys your fur baby loves
  • Leash
  • Doggie waste bags
  • Pet first aid kit (ask your vet for recommended items to include)

Snap a Photo

Make sure to take a current photo of your pet. In the unfortunate event that your pet gets loose, you’ll want to have a current photo that is clear, well lit, and front facing. Get side or back shots to include special markings.

Camping with Pets

Hit the Road!

Plan extra time into your road trip to accommodate times for your dog to get outside, stretch its legs, and play for a little bit, as well as relieve itself. This will help make the travel time much more comfortable for everyone involved!

Camping with Pets

Once You Arrive

Be mindful of others once you arrive at any campsite. Make sure to bring and use pet waste bags, and don’t leave your dog unattended. Make sure to be aware of any habits your pet has such as barking or aggression, and keep these in consideration as you plan your trip.

Pet Friendly RVs

We have a huge inventory of new or used RVs for sale, and we even have RVs that are pet friendly, thanks to features like an exterior leash hookup or interior pet feeding dishes. Contact us today – we’d love to help you pick the perfect RV for your entire family!

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