Fantastic Camping Games for the Whole Family!

You’ve planned your destination and made reservations, you’ve packed up your RV toolkit with spare parts in case of an emergency, and you’ve aired out the sleeping bags. All that’s left is to pile into your new or used RV from RV Country and hit the road for an amazing family vacation. But you can turn “amazing” into “phenomenal” with a little planning and prep for entertainment and fun. If you’re looking for some great camping games or fun things to do while camping, look no further! Check out some of these great camping games ideas below!

For Young Children

Camping with young children is everything you make it, as long as you keep in mind their energy levels and lower attention spans. Try the following ideas!

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Kids love treasure hunts! Run an internet search for nature scavenger hunt printables, or create your own. You may include spotting different animals, from squirrels or chipmunks to moose and bison – just make sure the animals you’re looking for are indigenous to the area.

Camping Games

Include different objects in nature such as pinecones, acorns, berries (make sure not to eat anything unknown or unidentified!), or even animal scat.

Camping Scavenger Hunt

Camping Games
Chances are, you won’t be the only camper at your destination. Consider a printable like the image above as a camping-related scavenger hunt. Have children mark off the objects on the paper that they see other campers doing, whether it’s biking, kayaking, or fishing. The bonus is that through observing other people partake in these activities can spark curiosity and interest!

For Teens

For older teens, a sense of fun rivalry and competition can not only keep them engaged and in a great mood, but it can also help get things done around camp!

Sleeping Bag Hop

Camping Games
Set up a sleeping bag hop for your teens to participate in, with a set distance they have to hop along, fully zipped into the sleeping bag. The finish line is getting the sleeping bags set up in your new or used RV where they belong.

Fire Starting Race
Camping Games

Even better, set them in charge of building the campfire while you get the rest of the RV set up. Have a couple sets of flint firestarters handy, and divide the teens up, each with a set of flint. Within safe firebuilding parameters, have them race to see who can start the campfire first without a lighter or any other traditional fuel.

The Whole Family

Board Games
Space in an RV may be limited, but there’s always room for a few board games! Pack up a few of your favorites or invest in a few new ones that look interesting! You can find video reviews of board games on YouTube, which can give you an idea of the complexity or whether your family will enjoy it. Board games are a fantastic way to engage and have fun with your whole family at the end of a day!

Camping Games

Family Movie Nights
A family movie night is also a great idea to kick back and relax or enjoy on a day when the weather keeps you inside. You’ll find countless HDTV and entertainment center options when you’re shopping for a new or used RV.

We can help you pick out the perfect RV for your family, so contact us today. Your kids will only be young once. Why not make the most of it and enjoy your best vacation with great camping games? Your family will love the memories you make together!

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