A speakeasy and a retro trailer for your traveling enjoyment.

We know how much everyone loves the look of the old retro campers, and boy have we got a couple of ideas to add to your Christmas list. First up, we came across this lovely little trailer and thought it was just too neat to not share with everyone.
The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer will cost you (or Santa) about
$150, 000 but wouldn’t it be worth it to roll up to your favorite sports game and tailgate from this little beauty?! The best features, are the polished mahogany and ash exterior. The wood-lined interior is handcrafted from reclaimed Bulleit Bourbon casks, made from sturdy American Oak. It really gives a whole new meaning to driving in style. Or in this case, towing in style. You’re probably asking yourself “Where can I get one of these awesome little trailers?” Well friends, you can actually order it from the Neiman Marcus on-line catalog.
A couple other features you may be interested in are the  “elegant Waterford crystal and a state-of-the-art Sony® audio-visual entertainment system the trailer comes complete with a pull out bar and a year’s supply – four cases each – of Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye.”


Now that we’ve got you all excited about that nifty little trailer, we’d like to show you one that you can purchase from RV Country. It isn’t quite the same, but we think you’ll love it just as much.
Introducing the Retro RV Travel Trailer! It can be towed with anything and it will fit into a regular size garage! It’s going to run about the same as a tent trailer, but no set up! You’ve gotta love that! Silver with burgundy accents, and even a cute little step to enter through the door.

Inside you’ll find a wet bath (Shower & toilet in one enclosed area), a bed, a dinette which folds into a bed, an A/C unit, and a fully functional kitchen with microwave and refrigerator. You’ll notice a cutout in the floor as well. This allows even the tallest people to stand upright inside while keeping the exterior low enough that it can be stored INSIDE most household garages!

Santa may not bring you the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody, but you can stop by and see us, purchase this amazing Retro Travel Trailer, grab a bottle of bourbon and set out for your favorite camping destination and a great time!

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