A GPS to make your trip easy as 1-2-3


You may remember a past blog we wrote about Rand McNally’s most exciting product for RVers – a specialized GPS specially designed for RV adventures. Creatively titled  The TripMaker® RVND™ 7710. This handy 7″ GPS allows you to choose the type of vehicle you will be using for your route. Such as a car, motor home, or trailer. You can also enter in seasonal checklists, information on your favorite places to eat and camp, locations of rest areas, and of course your favorite dealer. (Ahem…RV Country) But that’s not all! Compacted in this small hand held unit of information is over 14 million points of interest – including Festivals, National/State/Regional Parks, RV campgrounds, RV dealers, service locations, parking and rest areas, travel centers with detailed amenities, detailed exit information on interstate exits, pet friendly locations, animal hospitals, hikes, stops, beaches, and more! The GPS does come with a wall charger and a vehicle charger, USB cable, and  RVND™ Dock software installed and included on the device.
Those old paper maps are sounding more and more outdated aren’t they? That basic GPS you have is starting to sound like it just isn’t going to cut it anymore, isn’t it? This TripMaker, this wonderful GPS equipped with all the RV related information you could ask for is right at your finger tips! All you have to do is come on over to Paul Everts RV Country to get it! If you’d like to take this snazzy TripMaker out for a little demo, then by all means, come right in and visit us!
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