5 Ways to Get Ready for Camping Season

It’s time to get ready for camping season! Like many Americans, you’ve probably felt concerned over whether or not Covid-19 will force you to consider your upcoming travel plans, but there’s never been a better year for camping in your new or used RV. Here are our top 5 ways to get ready for camping season.

Get Ready for Camping

  1. Double Check Your Campground is Still Open

This one is essential. Call your campground to verify your reservation and make sure they’re still open and welcoming campers. Many parks have closed temporarily, but things are opening back up, and in staggered ways in many states. While many campgrounds will let their visitors know of unexpected closure, there’s a lot going on for everyone and adapting to the “new normal” means some things might fall through the cracks. Double check and give your upcoming campgrounds a call.

  1. Clean Your RV

If this is your first camping trip of the year, give it a good spring cleaning after de-winterizing! Sweep and vacuum/mop floors – a damp dusting mop like a Swiffer will get the job done. Change out linens and give everything a fresh wash. Open the windows to let some cleansing fresh air in. Check for cobwebs and sweep them out of pantries, closets, and other spaces.

  1. Schedule Some RV Maintenance

Don’t get on the road without a quick RV tune up. We are still open to offer essential RV service, repair and maintenance, so contact us today to schedule some routine maintenance on your new or used RV with our skilled RV technicians. We can also get you fixed up if you discover your RV took some unfortunate winter damage.

  1. Check Camping Gear for Damage

Just like checking out your RV for any damage, you’ll want to take a look at your camping gear for the same. Check mosquito netting, picnic tents, camp chairs, coolers, and anything else for broken or rusting hardware, or damage to any materials. Repair what you can, and replace the rest.

  1. Figure Out Essentials

While packing your new or used RV to get reading for camping season, you may run into a slight snag: what about toilet paper? Soap? Paper goods? Disinfectant? Make a list now of the essentials you need that may be in short supply. And then do what you can to support local businesses. Many sellers on Etsy, for example, sell wonderful handmade soap and cloth towels and rages that can entirely replace the essentials you would normally use in your RV’s bathroom or kitchen. Evaluate what you might consider replacing with a sustainable version, something that allows you to support small business, or both.

Once you’re ready for camping season, it’s time to hit the road. If shopping for a new or used RV is actually what you need in order to get ready for camping season, we can help with that too. Contact us today. We can help you with all of your RV shopping needs!

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