5 RV Apps Everyone Needs to Have Before Traveling

Don’t leave home without these handy RV apps! They’re easy to use and can help save money while traveling in your new or used RV from RV Country.

RV Apps

Overnight Parking Assistance

The OverNight Parking Finder app is a must have. It’ll provide you with locations and directions to nearby Walmart stores, which always allow free overnight RV parking in their lot. Bonus: if you need to stock up on snacks, toiletries, or pantry essentials, you’re already where you need to be. The app can also point you in the direction of the nearest RedBox, so you can rent a favorite new flick and return it – literally – down the road. And since many Walmarts also offer gas stations, you can fuel up and plan on hitting the road in the morning with a fresh tank of fuel and restocked essentials.

RV Apps

If you prefer to stay in an RV park or campground, download the RV Parks and Campgrounds app. Its database sorts all of the parks and campgrounds based on ratings from RVers who have stayed there before, so you have the advantage of someone else’s recommendation for a clean and comfortable place to stay.

Save Money on Fuel

Fuel is expensive. But with the GasBuddy app, you can search and compare fuel prices in your vicinity so you don’t end up overpaying at the pump.  When you’re packing in the miles, this can translate to serious savings!

Weather Safety & RVing Convenience

The WeatherBug app is a good resource as a weather app. You’ll have access to current conditions, severe weather alerts, Doppler radar, and more.

For your own convenience, make sure your device has the Sanidumps app. What makes it great? The map, prices, and hours of operation for the closest RV dump sites, allowing you to truly and easily take care of business. You’ll wonder how you got around without it!

What’s one of your handy RV apps you don’t like to vacation without? We like these apps because they help make your road trip more convenient and offer some peace of mind along the way. Before you hit the road, make sure your new or used RV has had routine maintenance just to make sure everything is road-ready. Contact us today so we can help!

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