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Riverside Retro Motorhomes for Sale

Paul Evert's RV Country is now offering classic travel trailers from Riverside Retro. These light-weight, low-cost trailers are a blast from the past with classic design and superior craftsmanship.

✓ Light-Weight, Easy to Tow

✓ Low Cost, Only $99 a Month!

✓ Fits in a Standard Garage

✓ Superior Amish Craftsmanship

The Travel Trailer that fits in your garage, Riverside Retro
The Very Popular Retro 155 In the Garage

Riverside Retro Trailers a Huge Hit for RV Country

We hope by now you’ve at least had a peek at our adorable, top-selling Riverside RV Retro trailers. They’ve been causing quite a stir everywhere we go, and people are just falling in love with these little gems. Besides being super groovy in style, VERY affordable, and offering all your basic amenities, they are simple (no setting up a tent trailer), comfortable, and super lightweight! In fact, they’re so light (All models under 3000 lbs), you can tow them with almost any vehicle.