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Here at Paul Evert's RV Country, we are passionate about RV's. Many of us grew up RVing and still enjoy the many fun and exciting ways there are to do it!

However, what we really want to know is, how do YOU RV? What tips and tricks do you use? Do you travel with pets? What's your favorite place to visit?

Whether it's a quick trip to the beach or you live in it full time, we want to know! If you attend rallies or belong to a travel club, we want to hear about it!

As we approach our 50th year in business, every time we think we've seen it all, we realize we haven't! Customers have come through who travel with everything from GIANT Newfoundland dogs to birds! Families have come from other countries to travel the US and we've shipped motorhomes to Europe and even New Zealand! Have 10 kids? Run a mobile dental office? Enjoy deer hunting? From horse shows to drag racing, we know you're out there!

Each and every one of you has a story to tell and we'd be honored if you'd share yours with us, just DON'T FORGET THE PICTURES!

Please use the form below to tell us your story and upload a photo of how you RV!


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Challenger 355 Platinum Our experience with Paul Evert's RV was a great experience. Everyone, from sales people, managers, carpet cleaning guy, rv wash guy, delivery guy, walk thru guy, Victoria, and others working in the service area, were always friendly and helpful.

Our 2 days in Quartzsite, even though hectic, was educational and enjoyable, you guys run a 1st class operation in the middle of the desert.

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