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Thor A.C.E. Motorhomes For Sale

Exterior Thor ACE 29.1
You're probably reading this web page wondering what the A.C.E. even is. Well, by using retail customers feedback Thor Motorcoach has built a motorhome that can satisfy the wants and needs of both the Class A and Class C motorhome buyer.

Some would classify this as an "entry level" RV, but the truth is, it has more features and options than most gas motorhomes. It's well thought out, functional, and best of all AFFORDABLE!

We recommend you experience the ACE for yourself. You can do that 3 ways.

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Reasons Why the Thor A.C.E. Motorhome Will Win You Over

Front Design: The A.C.E. motorhome has the perfect front cap and windshield. Driving west in the afternoon will be a breeze because the windshield is not as tall allowing the sun to be blocked. Also the aerodynamic front cuts through the wind without the drag found on typical class C models.

Storage: Abundant storage is evident throughout the Thor motor coach ACE. The main storage is all located on the camp side purposely making it easier and more convenient to access.

Rear Design: The rear wall is light weight matching the sidewalls. A steel rear bumper protects the coach in the instance of a collision, while the rear fuel fill let's owner pull up to either side of the island to fill up with fuel.

Convenience: All of the sewer hook-ups and outside shower are located on the driver's side in the "Camper's Corner". The enclosed sewer compartment allows owners to leave the sewer hose connected and stored away, instead being open to the elements or needing to be stuffed in the bumper.

Perfect Entryway: The entry area is one of the crown jewels of the motorhome. First it's oversized so carrying a bag of groceries in to the kitchen is a breeze. A hidden mud room easily stores dirty shoes before entering the coach. The in-step drawer is a great place to store dog leash or plastic bag for cleaning up the campsite. Finally, a flip lid on the top step can be used for a tool box, eliminating the need to walk through the coach to grab your favorite pair of pliers. Where do you keep coats and brooms in your coach. Well many of you are probably forced to throw them on the bed or keep your broom outside. The A.C.E. offers a broom/coat closet right at the entry of the coach, where it belongs!

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